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About Us

Offering the comto DPRK defectors
who missed the opportunity of education. 

Our School's objectives

Wooridul School is a complementary supporter of a DPRK defector teen's school education and home education. We offer multiple services such as study assistance, individual/family counseling and also acts as a cultural space for them.  

1. Most of DPRK defector teens are deprived of education opportunities during their process of Defecting. Even though they enter ROK, they have ages that exceeds the school age. To make matters worse, the cultural and linguistic differences make them experience difficultys to adjust in normal school life in ROK. 

We strive to make the most optimal education environment by offering effective and integrated educational and social adjustment services, proposing and developing new policies that gets along with a DPRK defector teen's wants and characteristics.

2. Wooridul school is an alternative school which provides custom alternative educations for DPRK defector teens who missed the proper education period. 

Recently, the number of DPRK defectors have reached 25,000. They are the most valuable keys of solving Inter-Korean problems. They have an important role of blending two societies into one in the post unification era. 

3.  Due to psychological problems they encountered with during defection and ROK settlement, they have lack of participation and interest when it comes to unification. 

Our school has deduced that DPRK defector teens can reduce the psychological difficulties they experienced during defection and also make them have the right thoughts about unification by education. Wooridul school helps them to participate in unification problems and grow up as healthy leaders of unification era by proper education curriculums. 

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